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Where have you been?

I have been here and on the road.  Friday we drove to Richmond to watch my girls and the Charger team play in the high school state, class A, volleyball tournament.  We won Friday and went on to play at 9:30 on Saturday morning.  It was a good show and we made Gate City fight for their championship.  Yes, Gate City won – it took them 5 games to do it.  Talk about an amazing 5 games; I was so nervous that practialy a whole dishcloth was knitted (all except the border)!  Knitting saves my nails and cuticles from a chewing.  =)  On Facebook, I’ve been able to link to several papers, if you want to see more information. 

This dishcloth has renewed my passion for knitting and especially that dang sock.  I think, though, that learning to knit on a circular will be the way to go for the next pair of socks.  This one that I am finishing, is going to be used as a primitive Christmas stocking. 

Christine, over at Treasure Goddess, posted the following in Phelan’s blog about a Depression Christmas – just that title makes me want to create a button to share with everyone.  =)  Thank you for the pattern, Christine.  I cannot wait to make some!  Guess I need to find out what size needles, eh?

I’ve decided it’s the year of the wrist warmers for us. Teacher gifts/family gifts.

CO 40 stitches, join in the round.
k1, p1 rib for 4 rounds
k3, p1 every round for 5-6 inches from start, then go back and forth (no longer in the round, leaving an opening) still in the K3, P1 pattern (when you go back on the wrong side you’re K1, P3 –knit the knits and purl the purls)
knit & purl in pattern back & forth for 12 rows, then go back to knitting the pattern in the round for 6 rows.
K1P1 for 4-6 rows and bind off.

What are you making for gifts?

 Oh, just in – a friend of ours passed away a few months ago.  She had been good health, despite the fight,  and went quickly on September 12, 2009.  I miss you Sally!!  With her passing, Jack has been left alone; Jack is her cat.  He has run away from his new home twice (about 1/2 miles away) and the new homeowners do not want an indoor/outdoor cat.  Mason passed several months ago and even though I love and adore Otis, I miss Mason terribly.  Jack needs a home..  Tonite we are going to see how the two (Jack and Otis) get along.  Jack is an adult cat, neutered, shots, and fully clawed < which is a good thing.  Otis is a Jack Russell and does not realize his own strength.  Cross your fingers. 


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aking life too seriously can be dangerous; so in the spirit of being a bit more lighthearted, I wanted to share these with you.

‘dat’s all.  Tomorrow I am headed to Richmond to watch my girls play in the State High School Volleyball Championships.  Go Chargers! 

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Yummy Ginger Beer

I love ginger beer; cannot seem to drink enough of it these days. It is expensive to buy at the store and that’s if you can find someone who sells it; city dwellers probably have much better luck than us rural peeps. Rhonda Jean, over at down–to–earth, has published her recipe; it is a live culture that you create and that is what I love about it. I plan to start some of this tomorrow eve – cannot tonite as there is a volleyball game and it is my turn at concessions – whoot!

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Quietly canning

Yes, life has been quiet yet very busy at the Ward House. The quick and dirty:

  • I’ve been in a canning frenzy and have most of it done. Lost a pint of ketchup, though, to a quick drop and a fast stop. Not only did I loose several hours of work but also the jar and lid. *sigh*
  • Girls are doing very well in Volleyball (see article below). Katie missed some practice due to a growth spurt. This spurt occurred so quickly that her muscles were unable to lengthen quick enough to accommodate and she was unable to straighten her left leg. Lots of icing and two visits to the physical therapist have her back on track.
  • It’s wood cutting time.
  • Working on my sock… still on the cuff. One thing about Katie’s P.T. appointments is that I got alot of knitting done.
  • Work is still crazy. You know. The whole more-work-for-less-money thing.
  • An acquaintance and coworker passed away suddenly on Saturday. I’m still in shock over that.

That about sums it up. Today has been more stressful than usual and I broke down and bought a Mountain Dew to wash down some Cheetos. *shudder* So bad for me yet tastes soooo good!

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The death of a washer

There was a noisy, painful sounding death at our house last nite. The washer part of our 4 year old, stacked washer/dryer made a horrible racket towards the end of the final rinse and then refused to spin that last time. Well, she spun some, in a ‘I’m trying’ way so we could at least wring out some of the remaining water prior to hanging the sheets outside. Now, if the dryer broke, that would be non issue as everything gets hung up outside on the line, or if it is too cold, is draped on the wooden drying racks. So today the repair guy comes out to have a look and can hopefully fix it in an hour; paying him to repair is still cheaper than replacing.

This evening it is off to Buffalo Gap to watch the girls play volleyball. From there Ashley and the rest of the varsity team will head to Richmond for a 2 day tournament; she will be home Saturday eve. Finances will not allow me to attend, so I am depending on others for pictures, updates, etc.

** UPDATE **
The repair guy just left and it appears that we need a new spring and belt – the parts will be in tomorrow. Yeah! Just in time for weekend washing. =) It is scary how much I depend upon this machine.

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Volleyball and other videos

As promised, video from the game yesterday and then random bit of laughter.

Katelyn is #32; she is serving. Oh, our girls are the ones dressed in black.

Ashley is #24 and is the setter

Today’s paper featured this article:

Volleyball From Paper 09240

This last video was made by Katelyn and her friend Allyson. They were trying out different voices that go with the web cam and found one called Old Man. We had to listen to it at least a half dozen times; it was just too funny! Katelyn is on the right, Allyson the left. LMAO!

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