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Reuse metal bottle caps and other what-nots

I LOVE ginger beer.  It is a plus that the bottles can be used as the base to a tea cup bird feeder < I found that idea on another blog and now cannot find the blog to reference here! grrs   This picture is close – the one I saw used a bud vase beneath the saucer and then one end of a dowel went into the vase and the other into the ground.  It gave the base a nice decorative touch.  With the ginger beer bottles, these will just push into the ground without the additional dowel.  I’ll post a picture as soon as one is complete.

Now what to do with those metal bottle caps – I found these ideas:

  • checkers for your own, homemade board > I have four so far.  Hmmm.  Got a ways to go before there are enough to play checkers!
  • accessories like earrings, necklace, belts, etc.  > I’ll leave this to the kids.
  • magnets with either the top showing or the underside sporting a cool picture/design/saying

Ronnie will proally be very unhappy with me if I start saving anything else.  These caps are small enough to hide – Muhahaha

Another easy to item to create, giving new life to a used item are tin can planters.  I’ve actually seen these used in other decorating blogs – just the plain silver cans.  Sounds like a plan to me and perhaps I’ll have to water less.  The cool terra-cotta pots allow so much water to evaporate.

There are so many more project that roll around in my head and so little time or resources to bring these into reality.  I’ll keep saving those ideas here and create as time allows.

Speaking of limited resources and time, this past weekend we were going to try to get the chicken coop under roof and, well, that did not happen.  We discovered three more apple trees in the tree line between the wooded and grassy parts of our property.  The day was spent clearing other trees and brush from these beauties so the sun would reach them.  Too late for this year; perhaps next they will fruit!  All this brush work has gifted me with a does of poison ivy – or so it appears.  Within the next few days I’ll snag some broom sage, boil, and rub the mix on the itchy spots; it’ll dry this stuff right up!

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Herbal remedies

Over at Women Not Dabbling, there is an excellent article on making herbal cough drops.  This post is so timely as Ashley is fighting off a cold and other than Vitamin C, I do not have much else to give her.  *sighs*  Fortunately, sickness does not visit our house often so when it does, I am woefully unprepared.  I’m thinking I may be able to make some of this tonite??  Of the herbs listed, the ones I know I have locally include yarrow, sage, peppermint, dandelion and rosemary.  Does it matter what type of yarrow?  I have the white field yarrow that grows kind of everywhere and then the yellow yarrow that I bought and planted last year.  This list mentions holy basil – how is that different from regular basil?  Not sure which plant I have growing in the kitchen.  I’ll have to see if I can get some dandelion leaves outta the yard!

I apologize for the posts of the last few days.  These have been disjointed at best which seems to be how my mind has been working.  There are so many little things going on that I fail to connect all the dots and my little picture comes out a bit disjointed!

Ronnie did alot more work in the kitchen after my posting.  The total bat count when we finished last nite was 18.  18 dead bats in the chimney.  This made me very sad as I cannot imagine dying in a chimney.  =(  Plus I love bats.  How they look, fly, eat bugs, etc.  We actually play with them in the summer – throw stuff into the air and the bats dive bomb our little trinkets.  I’ve thought up putting up bat houses and have been told by locals that most bats around here do not stay in them and definately do not winter over there.  Guess these would be good for in the summer so they will stay out of the garage and attic.  *shrugs*  I kind of dont mind them in these two places.  Guess if it weren’t for the droppings, it would not be so much an issue.

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