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Reuse metal bottle caps and other what-nots

I LOVE ginger beer.  It is a plus that the bottles can be used as the base to a tea cup bird feeder < I found that idea on another blog and now cannot find the blog to reference here! grrs   This picture is close – the one I saw used a bud vase beneath the saucer and then one end of a dowel went into the vase and the other into the ground.  It gave the base a nice decorative touch.  With the ginger beer bottles, these will just push into the ground without the additional dowel.  I’ll post a picture as soon as one is complete.

Now what to do with those metal bottle caps – I found these ideas:

  • checkers for your own, homemade board > I have four so far.  Hmmm.  Got a ways to go before there are enough to play checkers!
  • accessories like earrings, necklace, belts, etc.  > I’ll leave this to the kids.
  • magnets with either the top showing or the underside sporting a cool picture/design/saying

Ronnie will proally be very unhappy with me if I start saving anything else.  These caps are small enough to hide – Muhahaha

Another easy to item to create, giving new life to a used item are tin can planters.  I’ve actually seen these used in other decorating blogs – just the plain silver cans.  Sounds like a plan to me and perhaps I’ll have to water less.  The cool terra-cotta pots allow so much water to evaporate.

There are so many more project that roll around in my head and so little time or resources to bring these into reality.  I’ll keep saving those ideas here and create as time allows.

Speaking of limited resources and time, this past weekend we were going to try to get the chicken coop under roof and, well, that did not happen.  We discovered three more apple trees in the tree line between the wooded and grassy parts of our property.  The day was spent clearing other trees and brush from these beauties so the sun would reach them.  Too late for this year; perhaps next they will fruit!  All this brush work has gifted me with a does of poison ivy – or so it appears.  Within the next few days I’ll snag some broom sage, boil, and rub the mix on the itchy spots; it’ll dry this stuff right up!

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New Garden space & adapting

back-grape-arborThis weekend was busy with Ronnie’s birthday on Saturday and our outdoor frenzy on Sunday: we relocated the compost pile, planted two pear and two blueberry bushes, transplanted red raspberries from various parts in the yard, fixed the grape arbors and cleared relocated-compost-1out a slew of forsythias.  These forsythia had taken over about 8 foot of yard!  While cleaning out these bushes, I somehow contracted poison ivy.  Now in the past boiling broom sage has produced a lovely, see through brown liquid that is fantastic for drying this stuff out.  Well. . . . boiling it this eve did not produce this result and I broomsage-1am trying to figure out what I did wrong…  Has anyone else used this before?  Any other home remedies that work?  The web has a slew from white vinegar (which I am going to try) to banana peels and miracle whip!

Now for the odds n ends.  I am taking Sharon‘s class, Adapting in Place, and this week’s discussion is on water.  What to do if the power goes out and we are left to our own devices for water.  Aaron, who is co-teaching this class, posted this link for a Slow sand filter.  Sharon’s assessment protocols can be found at the oil drum.

I stumbled upon this blog and thought the parallels to be very interesting – and scary!

This post was thrown together.  Today was a very odd day; it felt as if I were trying to think through a thick fog. *bleck*  Hope it clears up for tomorrow as I bartend and may be out late.  Time for bed.

Nite ya’ll!  =)

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