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Friday remembers

There are some exceptional articles today and this list is so I have the info handy and, well, it is well worth a read.

*whew* all this has inspired me to remake our bedroom > I am overcome by the urge to declutter…again!  I’ll post pictures as soon as I’m done.  

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Chilling reads

Kathie, at Two Frog Home, has read all 117 of HR 875 and sums the bill up nicely here.  I also follow Casaubon’s book and Sharon had an interesting view on the same bill.

In the chilling read categorie we have The Age of Stupid from Climate Progress and Reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and moral reasoning from Casaubon’s Book.  The post from Casaubon’s Book I have personally witnessed on the local school system.  It is chilling.  Virginia has the Standard’s of Learning (SOLs – accurate name), part of the no child left behind mandate.  The school’s funding is based on those scores and if teachers want to keep their jobs, the classes must average a certain SOL average.  Teachers ‘teach’ to pass the test, notto  relay important information/knowledge/concepts.  *shivers*  I cannot say which I find more scary!

My posts have been infrequent and perhaps too thought provoking.  Nothing like a good shake in the boots to realize that homesteading is more than the ‘in’ thing to do; it is a matter of survival; to teach my kids how to live in a world that will be less hospitable than it is now, less technology based. Here in lies the challenge.  What about my grandchildren?

We all know there are more scary things than what I have posted.  It is just too mind boggling.  Can we save overload??  I think I need a cup of tea.

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No more farmer’s markets

Today’s post at Two Frog Home, had this link about HR 875.  From what I can tell, this bill would require seller’s at the Farmer’s market to register with a newly created Food Safety Administration and be subject to inspections.  Record keeping would be required and fines for non compliance max out at $1M.  My coworker says “welcome to socialism”.  I find this very scary.

There was some interesting discussion on this site about the bill with this point being made,

thudson said: “Please point out what text prohibits backyard gardening. Also, you should divulge any consulting contracts you have with interested parties.”

The bill does not explicitly prohibit backyard gardening. What is does is include backyard gardens in the definition of Food Production Facilities. Here’s the definition (section 3-14)
(14) FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY- The term ‘food production facility’ means any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined animal-feeding operation.
This is a broad definition that could include backyard gardens, a backyard chicken pen with 2 or 3 hens, a backyard bee hive, etc. One might hope that regulations and courts would clarify the law in such a way as to exempt food produced for one’s own use. But don’t forget U.S. Supreme Court decisions, such as the New Deal era opinion which held that a farmer growing corn to feed his own pigs was engaged in interstate commerce, because growing his own corn meant that he did not purchase as much corn, thus having an effect on the interstate market for corn. Having laws on the books that could conceivably be construed in such as way as to regulate backyard or homestead food production is awfully risky.

In addition to this, the law could very well put small farmers out of business, as it is generally far more burdensome for them to comply with regulations than it is for large companies — plus small farmers do not have the wherewithal to bribe regulators, whereas large corporations do (I use the term bribe somewhat broadly to include such things as free trips, pretty women, and cases of expensive whiskey).

Can we say slippery slope?

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Selfless Activism Challenge

     Kathie is a great motivator; the creator of the Doing Not Thinking Challenge (DNTC), which was a success and ongoing, has a new thoughtful ‘quest’:  the Selfless Activism Challenge (SAC).  I’ll let you read her post to get the gist of the challenge.  The big picture of politics can be, and is for me, overwhelming.  How can I make an impact?  Just me.  I’ve decided that starting small, in my community, is one way.  I will hopefully see the slow wheels turn here as opposed to in the US or the world.  That is such a HUGE wheel to try to get moving.  If this little cog in the Bath County wheel can get our wheel to shifting, perhaps it will create a minuscule turn in the much larger wheel.

     Our board of supervisors and school board are composed of an unable-to-think-outside-the-box group of people.  New blood does not want to run because the meetings run HOURS and most things are just tabled with no solution or action.  I have kids in school and to sit and listen to a group of adults whine not only is NOT my idea of ‘fun’; it is a time waster.  However, if the next generation (me) does not run, the same old blood and thinkers will continue to make the same bad decisions. 

     A friend ran at the last election and won the nomination.  She is struggling with the poor time management and lack of thinking skills that are present on the board.  She and I have talked about my running at the next election, which will not be for another 2 years.  This would be great for the challenge and perhaps she and I can work together even thought I am not on the board – why wait for action?

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Wonder if.

As I reviewed yesterday’s post, and Abraham Lincoln’s second quote I got to thinking, with today’s government survelience, how much of what I post (or we as a community) is actually reviewed and monitored?  Has this subject been broached in the past and I just have not found it yet within my blog community?  Is this something I really need to be concerned about?? 

I keep thinking of that movie, V is for Vindetta – anyone seen it?  “remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.  I see of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot”.  An actual event, ladies and gents, and an interesting read.

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Heat me up!

     Furnace installation continues.  I dont believe I have posted a picture of this wood furnace, so here it is.  Looks kind of lopsided in the photo; however, it is very much straight.  Installing this furnace has been an interesting process, from running the plumbing to electric and finally the thermostat. 

     I will post another picture once all is complete and the stack is in place.  Ronnie ran a light to the corner of the garage so when we load wood in the evenings, it will not be in the dark.

     In other news, Norma Jean forwarded this to me and I felt it interesting enough to post – it is from the Congress.org website.  One has to wonder if the webmaster realizes that it is there??  Anway, more furnace updates to come.  Tonites JV volleyball game has been cancelled though the Varsity will continue at 6:30 – this means that I still work concessions (bleck).

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