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Nope, not wandering; roving.  Crochet and knitting are what helps to keep me sane in my crazy scheduled, kids, world.  There is something meditative about the stitches and watching something useful and pretty emerge from the ball of twist.   When it is too wet to be in the garden, this is where you will find me.  Must be something tactile, yes?

I follow Phat Fiber and they have constant giveaways, many of which involve Rovings.  What is Roving?

a soft strand of fiber that has been twisted, attenuated, and freed of foreign matter preparatory to its conversion into yarn.

At Saturday’s farmers market, the local alpaca farm had different colored rovings for sale; the creamy white was $5 a bag.  I snatched up two in hopes of learning to make my own yarn to knit more socks.  They had yarn for sale but at $20 a ball I figured a little labor wouldn’t hurt me.  In case you are interested, the chocolate-brown was $7/bag and black $9/bag.

So back to the creamy white roving.  I do not have a spindle and have read several posts on how to make your own.   There is considerable debate on which is the preferred method to learn – a top or bottom drop spindle.  Since Ronnie was not in a wood working mood this weekend, I made a drop spindle crafted from two cds, a dowel, rubber grommet and a blind well nut.  Mine looks like the one in this picture (compliments of the link). 

One of the better videos I found to help teach spinning is this one:

Yes, this seems like a lot to fit into an already hectic schedule – welcome to my therapy!!  It does not travel as well as a project; however, the resulting product will.

Do any of you spin?  If so, any tips for a noob?


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