Ward House

Bee a Locavore

I found this at Simple-Green-Frugal and thought it a good place to confirm our pledge to eat food that has been produced within 100 miles of our home bee a locavorein Hot Springs Virginia.  Heather makes a good point that this is not withdrawing from society; we are becoming more mindful of our choices, how we relate to the environment and not to get caught up in ‘keeping up with the Jones’.

There are only a few exceptions to our locavorish tendencies and these include the purchase of items I need to make bread (flour, sugar, etc).  We do not have a local mill so these items are purchased from our local grocery.  Right now the challenge is in the fruits/veggies area – we are fledgling homesteaders and did not set aside fruits other than in the jam/jellie department.  The only veggies we have set aside are green beans.  This coming winter will be more local as our garden plans are more thorough along with the means to store these items during the winter.

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