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Live for today

Live for today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never be. ~Ducky, NCIS season 3 disc 6

Last night I noticed that Odis’ neck smelled of grass and sunshine. pets

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One of those days

After this morning, I had to wonder what today held: coffee pot boiled over (used electric stove instead of the cook stove), my pizza stone broke ’cause it was sitting on the electric stove and I turned on the wrong burner while attempting to make that dang coffee.  *shakes head*

Jack ‘n Otis Update:  Jack is fine with Otis, Otis is not fine with Jack.  Good news is A18’s boyfriend has been looking for a cat and Jack looks to be a good match; single man, great paying job and an affectionate cat that has had shots and is fixed.

An eco friendly giveaway sponsored by  Keeper of the Home:  Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping At It’s Best.  You can enter to win a Moukisac!  Love these things and the reusable bags for produce, nuts, etc. Keep for your self or use for a gift this holiday.

Onto the Holiday’s.  I realize that Christmas is a big deal for many people; not so at the Ward House.  I enjoy some decorating, having a tree (really enjoy the rosemary toparies shaped like a Christmas tree), baking and family/friends coming over to visit.  Where we run into trouble is the commercial aspect of the holiday.  Thanksgiving is not here yet and stores/radio stations are playing Christmas music; the Homestead already has lights and decorations up.  What the. . . Did I mention that someone down the street already has the lights up on their house???  *heavy sigh*  Yes, I know that gifts are not the ‘reason for the season’; how ’bout some walk to back up that talk?  Being a crafter that means that I work on gifts most of the year, especially if knitting is involved.  =)  There are many other reasons to give and it is not just Christmas.  I gift family and friends throughout the year; we are not guaranteed any time with those we love so why wait?  You may not have til December 25th. 

*climbs off soap box*  The height of that box makes me dizzy.  One of my neighbor has come into some figs, more than she can use, and has gifted several freezer bags to us. *cheers*  Now I need to decide on what to create with them – any ideas?

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Where have you been?

I have been here and on the road.  Friday we drove to Richmond to watch my girls and the Charger team play in the high school state, class A, volleyball tournament.  We won Friday and went on to play at 9:30 on Saturday morning.  It was a good show and we made Gate City fight for their championship.  Yes, Gate City won – it took them 5 games to do it.  Talk about an amazing 5 games; I was so nervous that practialy a whole dishcloth was knitted (all except the border)!  Knitting saves my nails and cuticles from a chewing.  =)  On Facebook, I’ve been able to link to several papers, if you want to see more information. 

This dishcloth has renewed my passion for knitting and especially that dang sock.  I think, though, that learning to knit on a circular will be the way to go for the next pair of socks.  This one that I am finishing, is going to be used as a primitive Christmas stocking. 

Christine, over at Treasure Goddess, posted the following in Phelan’s blog about a Depression Christmas – just that title makes me want to create a button to share with everyone.  =)  Thank you for the pattern, Christine.  I cannot wait to make some!  Guess I need to find out what size needles, eh?

I’ve decided it’s the year of the wrist warmers for us. Teacher gifts/family gifts.

CO 40 stitches, join in the round.
k1, p1 rib for 4 rounds
k3, p1 every round for 5-6 inches from start, then go back and forth (no longer in the round, leaving an opening) still in the K3, P1 pattern (when you go back on the wrong side you’re K1, P3 –knit the knits and purl the purls)
knit & purl in pattern back & forth for 12 rows, then go back to knitting the pattern in the round for 6 rows.
K1P1 for 4-6 rows and bind off.

What are you making for gifts?

 Oh, just in – a friend of ours passed away a few months ago.  She had been good health, despite the fight,  and went quickly on September 12, 2009.  I miss you Sally!!  With her passing, Jack has been left alone; Jack is her cat.  He has run away from his new home twice (about 1/2 miles away) and the new homeowners do not want an indoor/outdoor cat.  Mason passed several months ago and even though I love and adore Otis, I miss Mason terribly.  Jack needs a home..  Tonite we are going to see how the two (Jack and Otis) get along.  Jack is an adult cat, neutered, shots, and fully clawed < which is a good thing.  Otis is a Jack Russell and does not realize his own strength.  Cross your fingers. 

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Knitting socks

A busy day today. After getting home, Otis and I went to the garden and found these baby shield bugs (evil) that have been killing my squash plants. How does one get rid of them?

Then Otis enjoyed a dirt bath while I was collecting some tomatoes and peppers. Then it was in to the house to begin dinner and canning. Can you tell I was having some fun with Picasa3?

Now, for the knitting. This is how far I am on the socks. This KPKP combo goes on for 8 inches! I do not believe I am using a large enough pattern. Oh well, these will be good for my niece.

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Rubba Dub Dub

This was just too funny so I had to post about it now.

Background leading up to funny: Otis and I had a busy evening in the garden, picking beans with Otis digging large craters in the garden. After dinner, and before bed, both Otis and I needed a bath. Now usually it is easier to wash Otis in the shower prior to bathing and use the hand held shower head. So last night I took Otis to the shower, washed him up and Ronnie was in charge of drying him while I took my shower.

Now for the funny: All went well until Ronnie got out the blow dryer. In the past Otis has stood still while being dried but last night he ran, jumped back into the shower with me, realized it was wet where I was and jumped back out. He did this one more time in that direction and then decided to try to enter from the other side of the tub only to make the same discovery.

LOL He is such a funny little dog!

We are also thinking of getting another cat. I still miss Mason so very much and aside from his companionship, we miss his mousing skills. So Mom, if your reading this, if you find a Manx that needs a home, please let me know. This new addition needs to get along with Otis and has to be able to defend himself against same dog (all claws in tact).

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The Rest of the Family

Proud Feline

Proud Feline

I have not talked about Mason & Odi for awhile and thought I’d post some pix.  First, the great lion of the family, Mason



patience of Job
And now for Odi. . . Odis
Did someone say snack?
These two get along really well and are funny to watch as they play with each other.

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